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What are Triple Milled or French Milled Soaps?
Posted by Your friends at The Bath Boutique on 8/9/2013 to Articles
Have you ever noticed the term “Triple Milled” or “French Milled” used on those fancy soaps featured at spas, in gift baskets, or even in the bathroom at an elegant hotel? Did you wonder what that meant or what makes it different than the regular bar soap you get from the grocery store?
Triple milled soaps are considered luxury soaps. What makes these soaps so special is that they are smoother, last longer, and produce a creamy, more luxuriant lather than other soaps. This is a result of an elaborative process used to create this type of soap.
Shea Butter

Triple milled soap, also called French milled soap, was created by French soap makers in the 1,700s. First, the soap is formed by a chemical reaction between a fat (such as shea butter, olive or grapeseed oil) and an alkali. After this neutral base soap is created, it is grated into fine particles and passed between a pair of closely spaced rollers, a process called milling, which turns the soap into a paste. During this first milling, fragrances and colorings are added. This milling process helps distribute the color and scent evenly throughout the soap. As you can guess from the name, a triple milled soap goes through this process three times before it is formed into cakes of soap.

The triple milling process produces beautiful bars of soap that are very hard, glossy and smooth. Triple milled soaps also lather well and the bars tend to last longer due to their hardness.

So the next time you give or receive a French triple milled soap, realize what a gift of luxury it truly is!
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